Ekrem T. Başer

Ekrem T. Başer

Postdoctoral Researcher

Syracuse University

I am a Postdoctoral Researcher at Syracuse University, Maxwell School, Department of Political Science.

My research intersects international relations and political economy, with a theoretical focus on self-enforcing solutions to commitment and information problems. More specifically, my theoretical focus includes reputation and signaling dynamics, status concerns, and the emergence of institutions with enforcement power. Substantively, I work on these themes in conflict settings, such as deterrence and crisis escalation, and IPE settings, such as foreign direct investment. I also work on these themes in domestic contexts, such as institutional formation, and domestic implications of international status concerns.

I work with formal models, tools of design-based inference on both observational and experimental data, and computational methods.

Prior to Syracuse, I was a postdoc at NYU Abu Dhabi Social Science Division. I received my Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.



Working Papers

Work in Progress

  • “Conflict, Social Order, and Mutual Dependence in Production” with Tanguy Le Fur.
  • “International Status and Domestic Support for Women’s Political Representation” with Çağlayan Başer.
  • “Fighting, Bargaining, and Commitment Problems.”
  • “Uncertainty and War? It is Commitment All the Way Down.”


You can download my c.v. here